Are you feeling like you need a total body reset?  

Do you feel sluggish? Want to boost your metabolism and your immune system?  Want to have more energy and feel great?

Then this Fresh Start Cleanse is for you. 


The Fresh Start Cleanse will help you

Get Rid of Toxins

Many of us have been eating processed foods our whole lives and in our modern age, we are being exposed to more toxins than ever before. A “toxin” is any substance that causes harm to the body and “toxic load” is the accumulation of those toxins that burden the body’s systems and organs. Toxins can be inhaled in the air we breathe, ingested through the food we eat or absorbed when something is applied to the skin.

Increase Mental Clarity & Focus

If your energy levels fluctuate from day to day or you’re finding you’re generally low-energy, then this cleanse is for you! You will learn about your mitochondria. These are the tiny powerhouses of your cell which give you the energy you need to go through your day. By supporting them, you’ll have an abundance of energy to go through your day with ease.

Feel More Calm & Grounded

Food is emotional. We often turn to food for comfort and to relieve stress. It can become an emotional coping mechanism. What emotional habits do you have in place? During the cleanse, you will practice building awareness around your eating habits. Look at WHY you are eating to discover your emotional triggers.

Boost Regularity & Metabolism

Did you know that you can lose weight without changing your diet? Yes! If you eat the exact same food but eat it at consistent times each day with zero snacking in between, you will naturally boost your metabolism which will greatly help with your digestion. This cleanse helps with regularity and by naturally boosting your immune system so you can go regularly, feel light all day and lose weight!

Three simple phases

Support and Stability 
During this phase your body will become stronger naturally as you implement your new eating habits and take the first set of doTERRA supplements. These foods and supplements are designed to take the load off your liver and kidneys so that you will be able to process the influx of toxins that come during Phase 02 as you release old garbage stored in the body.
Removal and Release
After creating a strong foundation for your body in Phase 01, you will be ready to release all the toxins and harmful bacteria from within your gut. The supplements you will be taking during this phase will seek out and destroy those baddies freeloading in your body. The supplements will also support your body so that you will be able to remove waste safely and efficiently.
Rebuilding and Restoration
It’s no use cleaning out the waste products if you don’t replace them with good healthy bacteria and nutrients while giving your body proper rest cycles to heal itself. In this phase you will experience the joy of a wholesome body and uncover the healing habits you never knew were possible, all the while being supported with doTERRA’s top restoration supplements that will even repair you at the cellular level.
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  • Professional Cleanse Course designed by holistic health professionals.
  • Live Community Group to support you during the tough times in this detoxification process.
  • Holistic Recipe Book filled with recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks.
  • Supplementation Program guiding you on how to use doTERRA's best-selling detoxification program in the best possible way for your unique needs.
  • Lifetime Access to cleanse course and online community group.

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